Writing a 5 sentence paragraph ppt

Chants often are sung without any instrumental music. First you mix together the dry ingredients such as the flour, sugar, and baking powder. Restate the topic of the paragraph. Question 4 Put the sentences in the most logical order.

Slide9 Harry shows perseverance in the way that he deals with internal, relational, and external conflict. Question 8 October 4, was a big day for scientists. The main job of Congress is to create and pass laws that govern the citizens of the United States.

Why did it present a challenge to American scientists? Begin With A Topic Sentence: Write three detail sentences that are about the topic.

Write a closing sentence that restates the topic. Parker enjoys jumping up on visitors in order to lick their faces. Representatives are elected to two-year terms while senators are elected to six-year terms. Why was October 4, an important day?

The main idea in this passage is: What will you do with it? It has a strong beat, and people often move a lot when listening to it. Together, the two countries built a series of canals, locks, and channels. Golden retrievers love to swim and will jump into any body of water they can find.

Then, you mix it all together in the mixer until the batter is smooth and has no lumps. On the answer sheet provided, fill in the correct answer. Use good describing words and interesting action words. When left in the backyard, Parker likes to dig up flowers, chew on his dog house, and protect us from imaginary burglars by howling loudly.

Learning all of the potions and magic tricks necessary to become a wizard requires perseverance, but Harry must also persevere in defeating an evil plot that endangers his life and the lives of those around him.

There are many different kinds of music. Music that is sung without instruments is called acapella. Landfills are filled with trash.

If materials can be recycled to be reused, this is much better than allowing this trash to sit in a landfill.

Rap music has words that are spoken to a background of music.

WRITING PARAGRAPHS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Slide8 Perseverance means never giving up, even if a challenge seems impossible to overcome. Question 1 Recycling paper, glass, and plastic is easy and necessary. Sputnik I went into orbit and circled the earth. Give step-by-step directions on how to build a birdhouse.

Write three detail sentences: Each sentence should tell about the topic.“What can we do to make our reader understand our writing?” 3 Things Make a Good Paragraph: “What do all of these mean?” does unity mean to you?” When a paragraph has unity, all the sentences relate directly to the main idea.

Bold Edwardian Script ITC Office Theme PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint. A paragraph is a group of sentences that develops an idea. The first sentence of a paragraph should be indented. The sentences in the paragraph support and give examples of the main idea.

Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides- Skit. Person 1. Hey! Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides Slideshow Skit.

By myesha-ticknor; Watch All docs; the points you made in your three body paragraphs. Write a concluding sentence that tells. Writing a Five Sentence Paragraph. Created by Mrs. Hicks. Begin with a topic sentence. State what the paragraph is about, the topic.

Make it interesting. Be sure to indent!!!!!. Example.

Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

Last summer my family went on an amazing picnic in a park. Slideshow by Thomas. Writing good paragraphs ppt 1. Writing Good Paragraphs Every good paragraph must have: 2.

Components of a good paragraph: •An indented first line. Writing a Five Sentence Paragraph Created by Mrs. Hicks Begin with a topic sentence: State what the paragraph is about, the topic. Make it interesting.

Writing a 5 sentence paragraph ppt
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