Working capital case study clarkson lumber

Clarkson to raise Debt within given Cap area, Would be forced to stick to estimation given to Bankers. Refer to TN-F of spread sheet for growth rate computations.

Hire Writer Lumber borrowed increasing amounts despite its consistent profitability? Inwe notice that Mr. To give a framework within which company needs to achieve its Target. Its evident that money had been locked for longer duration with customers causing serious cash flow problems. Clarkson, Will advise to reconsider Sales Target in line with sustainable growth rate.

Working Capital

After adding up the amounts of bank which is bigger than the initially estimated amount. In order to be absolutely safe that my money will be repaid in time I would set limitations on aspects of the business such as inventories, accounts receivable, and net working capital. Major players in IT and computer manufacturing industries are sitting on surplus cash while handling expansion very efficiently thru various business models.

Holtz share from accrual of business. This clearly shows that funds locked with customers had increased considerably resulting in cash flow issues.

What are the opportunity cost of these for Mr. Clarkson, Would not approve Mr.

Clarkson Case

Growths in working capital necessities have surpassed the capacity of the company to produce funds by itself. How have they affected the cash flow situation? Compute and analyze collection period, receivables as percentage of sales and inventory turnover ratios forand Increased from 38 days in to 49 days in first quarter of Why has Clarion Lumber borrowed increasing amounts despite its consistent profitability?

Clarion is experiencing in his company is due to large inventory and loan payments. Clarion should possibly consider slightly raising his prices. Clarion Lumber Company sales have been growing quickly over the last couple of years. Clarion Lumber Company is offered a two percent discount on payments completed within ten days of a transaction.

Offering Cash Discount to Debtor to bring in control on Debtors receivables. What do you think Mr.

Clarkson Lumber Company

The Northrop National Bank has to evaluate the risks associated with lending money to the lumber company, as well as what amount is needed and what repayment schedule is appropriate.

His company will be better off taking it step by step as he will guarantee a stable and secure development. In 1Mr. No dividend payout policy to be continued e. It is a significant amount that Mr. Current ; Future Fixed asset and Current asset are mortgaged with Banker.

Compute debt ratio, times interest earned, current ratio and any other ratio to provide evidence for your position. Another reason is the difference we notice between the end of the year and in extended collection period. In order to judge the financial strength of the firm, we look at the financial ratios to see the trends created over the 3-year period and compare numbers to the industry average: D Some ot the option ; Implication ot Future ot Mr.

Do all companies face the problem of cash flow or liquidity shortage with expanding sales? In sole proprietorship firms, books are maintained by less qualified persons.

Clarkson is adamant on his target for 5. Refer to TN-H of spread sheet for calculations. Clarkson would be able to withdraw fund to an extent which could have an impact on business as per Bankers estimation.

Case Studies

As we can see from spread sheet, financial strength of Company had deteriorated over years due to high growth rate of the company and losing equity partner Mr.

The pressure is even higher because Mr. Clarkson would not have been able to pay for Mr. Holtz share from Banks Borrowing on company balance sheet. In order to answer this question we need to create a pro formal income statement Exhibit 1 and balance sheet Exhibit 2.Clarkson Lumber Co.

case study. Thomas R. Piper The owner of a rapidly growing retail lumber company is considering the financial implications of continued rapid growth. This promotion. Clarkson Lumber was forced to borrow increasing amounts from Bank due to following reasons. Low Operating cash in hand (77) didn’t allow company to claim trade discount of 2% from suppliers.

Supplier’s reluctance to supply merchandise on account which is evident from decrease in accounts payable. The owner of a rapidly growing retail lumber company is considering the financial implications of continued rapid growth.

The magnitude of the company's future financing requirements must be assessed in the context of the company's access to bank finance and/or equity finance. Financial Analysis Clarkson Lumber Company. Pro Forma Analysis • Basic approach is to pick points in time (year end, quarter end, month end), determine where cash is Debt to Capital Debt to CAP = Debt/(Debt + NW) Interest Coverage Times Interest Earned = EBIT/interest Accounts Payable Days.

Clarkson Lumber Company 1. Identify the key problem in the case and explain why it is the key problem. Clarkson Lumber Company’ sales have been growing quickly over the last couple of years. Clarkson himself leads a frugal lifestyle with little personal debt. Clarkson Lumber is a company experiencing rapid growth but with a constant cash flow crisis.

This is not an unusual confluence, but it does require some financial decision-making.

Working capital case study clarkson lumber
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