Unseen poetry nettles

This is your opportunity to use those key literary terms. His love for his mother is clear in the way he describes looking at her old clothes and remembering the wonderful times they shared as a family when she wore them on holidays or at Christmas, for example.

As an ex-soldier, Scannell would certainly have empathised with men who lashed out in anger, still holding back their pent-up reactions to the atrocities of war. Perhaps the reader is also glimpsing a battle-scarred man lashing out?

The poet personifies the city, and allows it to tell its own story. Sometimes I kneel there touching them, trying to relive time you wore them, to catch the actual shape of arm and wrist.

Comment Unseen Poetry — An Introduction Give a reason for your answer. Does this indicate that the poet has reached a conclusion? Quatrain - Four lines rhyming together and acting as one unit of verse.

Stanza - A number of lines of verse laid out together on the page and separated by empty lines from the remainder of the poem. This impression is reinforced by the metaphor several lines later in which the poet compares the wooden dashboard to an altar.

Does the rhythm vary? If this poem is an accurate account of a real event, then Scannell positions his narrative voice quite carefully: Cross rhyme - A rhyme pattern alternating line endings, so that the first line rhymes with the third, and the second with the fourth, often notated abab and actually much simpler in practice than explanation!

My son aged three fell in the nettle bed. That can slow the rhythm of the poem. He knows on a practical level that she will never wear these clothes again, but on an emotional level, he is unwilling to dispose of all her belongings as that would be too final. The tone can change several times throughout the poem.

I could see the young man struggling with reason and logic, but still trying desperately to capture the essence of his mother and to somehow bring her physical presence into the attic with him. In the remainder of the poem, the poet has become embittered towards cars.'Nettles' revision guide A beautifully hand-drawn, detailed analysis of 'Nettles' - handy for a revision tool, group work or for classroom display.

A single page resource which forms part of a revision series available to members only. Edexcel Unseen Poetry - RevisionTaviCollege how to prepare for the unseen poetry answer with evidence from the poem.

Nettles - Poem by Vernon Scannell

to the theme or message of the poem, then you may mention it in your. Title: Unseen Poetry LO: To equip ourselves with the skills needed to answer the unseen poetry question. Later in the poem, the poet refers to the nettles as ‘That regiment of spite’.

In the poet's mind, the nettles are not just soldiers, but are motivated by malice and driven by an urge to cause pain.

GCSE Poem Analysis: Nettles by Vernon Scannell

This seems to give the poet a focus for his anger and frustration at seeing his. Your browser is not supported.

Unseen Poetry OL

Some parts of this page may not work. Please upgrade your browser for a better experience. Upgrade Browser. A GCSE Poem Analysis: Nettles by Vernon Scannell. Nettles echoes Scannell's experiences at war as he has written about his son being stung by Nettles.

Unseen poetry nettles
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