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Oxford English-Spanish dictionary with phrases, examples and pronunciation. Free possession Essays and Papers - helpme. They love the baby and adore them. We earn money to buy things which are necessary for our survival.

A treasured possession: family

Sometimes it would be serious, and other times our conversations were light and playful times when I could just laugh, and relax. My most treasured possession is "My necklace that my mom gave me for my 16th birthday.

One example of these dreadful schedules is the arrival times of the public buses around where i live. Vary the pitch of your voice.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay More than many other types of essays, descriptive My mother taught me the power of love, care, and motherhood. My family has been more than I could ever have wished for, and that is why I say a family is the greatest thing someone can have.

Yes, my family is my treasure. Going around on nothing but 2 air-filled wheels obviously does not help the scooter score any points in the comfort department, but its the experience of it that i treasure most.

Essay on My Most Precious Possession Paragraph, Speech & Article

Families are important because Sponsor This Essay I believe in families. Through difficulties and in hardships we have continued on, with our faith keeping us all the way. As the child grows up all the family takes care of it.

Moreover, I believe that the biggest factor to the success that my family has had is that we have a deep-rooted faith Treasured possession essay Jesus Christ. After fulfilling our basic human needs of food, clothes, and home to live we move to the things that make us feel good; Things like cars, jewelry etc.

Therefore, i feel that my electric scooter is my most treasured possession as it allows me to plan my time accordingly and not have such a hectic lifestyle chasing after buses. Prior to shelling out money for the scooter, the typical situation at home would go something like: To me, having the greater expense of time is a big plus as whether or not i am able to finish my breakfast totally depends on it.

Describe the possession that matters most to you and explain why you would never be prepared to part with it Answer: Though the difficulties come, many times when we least expect it, we have stood strong and grown together with Jesus as our focus.

For me, family has always meant somewhere I can go when I need encouragement, a shoulder to lean on or just a person who listens to me. They provide all the love and care in the world to the baby. This is an aspect that I have taken from his life and applied to mine: Click here to read her essay.

I wanted to become the richest man in the world. Then what other item or thing can be more valuable and meaningful than the love of the family? Take pauses whenever needed.TRACEY GOVENDER “IT MAY HAVE BEEN JUST AN OLD-FASHIONED WATCH BUT TO ME IT WAS MY MOST TREASURED POSSESSION” The most treasured possession for me would be an old fashioned classy watch given by my grandmother ten years ago.

Name Eoin Colfer Place & Date of Birth 14 MayWexford, Ireland Favourite Book Stig of the Dump Most Treasured Possession Books When did you start writing? My first attempt at proper writing was. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

Answer: The definition of a 'most treasured' possession is subjective. The most treasured possession of person A could be a fountain pen, while that of person B could be a watch; there are absolutely no restraints on what could be deemed 'most treasured'.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on My Most Treasured Possession. The most treasured possession for me would be an old fashioned classy watch given by my grandmother ten years ago.

My grandmother bought this watch fifty years ago for my grandfather, for his forty year old birthday.

Treasured possession essay
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