The story of shamsuddin and rumi

They associate themselves with him. Your cruel heart is weary of me already. He is a universal expression of yearning and wisdom and he is in many ways timeless and placeless.

How could it be, I thought, how could lyrics from an year old Persian poet have anything in common with songs from a 20th Century American phenomena? In fact, I learned and memorized a Rumi poem from the second collection in 3rd grade in Iran, a story about Moses and a shepherd--so Masnavi can even resonate with a ten-year old.

His work has an all embracing universality. From the dust of the earth to a human being, there are a thousand steps.

I would argue that poetry actually chose him; since he never considered himself a poet even though he became the greatest. They found Rumi to be a spiritual guide for them.

Rumi never found out what happened to Shams.

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After the marriage Shams becomes extremely obsessive and possessive of Kimia. However, their meetings were not just about discourse, they were experiential. Since local singers would put to music the verses of popular poets, their poems were both recited and sung.

Why was Shams so precious to Rumi? Instead see if you can rise to his.

Instead of several life times, the process of ascension was sped up to a mere several years. Rumi used all his wit to keep this powerful, wandering, wild Bird in a cage for as long as possible and even tempt him with his young step daughter. Shams was a powerful spiritual figure who was a maverick mystic not belonging to any sect and he considered himself a Persian mystic.

However none of these countries as they are today actually existed back then. There is no credible scenario to suggest that she would simply wait around for years and years unmarried. My great aunt was married at 11, in Mashad, and that was only years ago.

Shams Tabrizi

Two such poems are below. He then encourages the reader to look into his or her own heart instead.

Why would Rumi hold such a high regard for a wandering homeless dervish, nicknamed the Bird? Some explain, since Rumi would not have been a poet without Shams it is apt that the collection be named after him.

Eventually he found Rumi riding a horse. In years of popularity, Rumi has become a mirror projecting what the reader imagines. The rigidly choreographed style of whirling that the famed Whirling Dervishes of Turkey perform did not start with Rumi but with his eldest son Sultan Walad several years after his passing.

Hence, you have poems where he praises God and then poems where he outright destroys any such concept. I began exploring my deep connection to Rumi, in New York, back in when I was in my early twenties. It was the pop music of its time.Aug 03,  · (41) Story of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and Mathnawi shareef - Duration: An Islamic Story of a Brave and Intelligent boy who faced Hajaj Bin Yousaf in His Court in Urdu - Duration: A story of Moses.

The man who married a harlot. The old man and the doctor Tales from Masnavi, Jalal al-Din Rumi A.J. Arberry, - (30 June, ) Curzon Press. Shamsuddin and Rumi became very close friends. Shams went to Damascus, were he was allegedly killed by the students of Rumi who were resentful of their close relationship.

Rumi expressed his love for Shamsuddin and grief at his death, through music, dance and Gowhar Khatun. That's why in Rumi's Untold Story, I honor Rumi in best way possible by providing a clear record of highlights of his life and to clarify certain aspects of his history which have been kept secret from public until now.

Rumi is a powerhouse. It's important to understand that his immense global popularity is due to him being a totally unique and. According to contemporary Sufi tradition, Shams Tabrizi mysteriously disappeared: some say he was killed by close disciples of Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi who were jealous of the close relationship between Rumi and Shams, but according to many certain evidences [citation needed] he left Konya and died in Khoy where he was buried.

Jun 14,  · "Shams Tabrizi" the 13th century Persian Sufi had to wait until his future student, "Rumi" was ready to receive from him the promised gift. Rumi has repeated.

The story of shamsuddin and rumi
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