Stakeholders of zara

However, these processes seem to generate more insights and be of a more permanent nature than the actual map, which may also be subject to change over time.

Thus, it is obvious that the creation of suitable organisational circumstances for key employees, e. Content As to the content of the map, it can be said that Zara benefits from a self-sustaining Stakeholders of zara loop see dashed circle on the leftwhich is a powerful source of competitive advantage, as it encompasses as many as four distinctive competences.

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Most notably, major online-only fashion retailers such as ASOS and Zalando deserve management attention. It turned out to be very difficult, in fact impossible in most cases, to identify a certain individual as a stakeholder as opposed to a group of individuals Stakeholders of zara an entire organisation, both of which are probably much more difficult to manage, as well as any informal relationships, which may not even be publicly known.

This in turn allows for a quick reaction to the previously defined fashion trends and, consequently, the frequent introduction of new designs. However, since effective stakeholder management implies the prioritisation of some stakeholders over others Mitchell et al.

Lastly, it became obvious that experience gained through interaction with stakeholders cannot be substituted by desk research. While the actual map only visualises the result of an in-depth analysis of the organisation, be it based on discussions within the TMT or based on desk research, it does not show the thought processes that were necessary to identify the concepts and to establish the connections between them.

The ability to transfer not only hard sales data, but also anecdotal information based on oral customer feedback in a quick and uncomplicated manner enables the company to rapidly analyse the feedback and, based on this analysis, identify new fashion trends faster than the competition.

With respect to an actual strategy intervention, it may thus be concluded that discussions within the TMT can reveal links between previously unconnected concepts, and that the discovery of these links is impossible if the relevant concepts are not included at the time they are first mentioned because they appear to be isolated.

For instance, the speed with which Zara designs, produces, and delivers a garment is not only contingent on a degree of vertical integration that is unusually high in the fashion retail industry, but also on a remarkable organisational discipline, which enables the entire company to operate based on a strict rhythm with which orders are placed and received, customer feedback communicated, and garments shipped Ferdows et al.

Strategic Analysis of Zara

Moreover, it became obvious that the process of creating the map may be more valuable than the outcome of the process, i.Strategic Analysis of Zara - Marvin Mertens - Seminar Paper - Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

should be an integral part of Zara’s stakeholder management approach. 22 rows · stakeholder relations We maintain a relationship of transparency and. “Zara is always striving to meet the needs of its customers at the same time as helping to inform their ideas, trends and tastes.

The idea is to share responsible passion for fashion across a broad spectrum of people, cultures and ages. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Stakeholders Of Zara.

External Stakeholder S Issues Facing Zara Business Essay. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Name. Institution. Business Management Introduction.

Zara is a company that well known for its best and quality products since. This article is an in depth analysis of Zara´s communication system to stablish relationship with the stakeholders. Even though some os them must be unconcious even for the company they get, as a result, a very comprehensive and attractive brand.

Stakeholders of zara
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