Social networking sites a boon or

This sites also save lots of money as they only required internet and there is limits for chatting and also they can each other in the form chat as well as photos can shared with friends and families.

Social Network gives us the platform to get our voices heard. Followed by advantages and disadvantages are also discussed. They trick others into believing that they are trustworthy but instead deceive innocent people who are easy targets, especially young children. Many people have friends who they have not seen since school, or who have moved away, and they want to stay connected with.

There are many types of social media: Cyber crimes are proved it results in Sever punishments for about ten years. Real life Connections A huge advantage of this social networking has a reverse side effect that is also a big disadvantage of social networking which is, they reduce face to face socialization.

Social media has become part of the modern teenage lifestyle. It made the world very small through social networking.

Social Media a boon or bane

In the wake of the riots, which have spread throughout England, many are blaming social media as being the tool used to orchestrate the violence and destruction. On MySpace, your social network starts growing from the first day. This can be used by the users if someone trouble them or harasses the user he can block the accounts.

Additionally, these sites were used by people to show support to the police in the wake of the riots, with the number of people following the force on Twitter jumping from 3, to 13, and hits on Facebook increasing from 2, to 8, Introduction People who live in the past can only communicate through the way of Telegrams, Letters and Telephone Calls.

However, it is not one of the popular sites in the United States. We should not disclose too much personal information because its risky.

We can find our friends easily, if we lost contact. All these sites help to keep in touch with friends. Assignment, definitions and research is just as easy as you hear it.

In addition to this these sites play an extravagant role in knowing the people who we happened to meet once even becomes close friends.SOCIAL MEDIA- A BOON OR A CURSE FOR SOCIETY - Social media is that virtual world where people interact freely, sharing and discussing ideas and information to each other.

there are many advantages & disadvantages of social media. Social Media: Boon or Bane? This is not the first instance where social media sites have been banned in an attempt to stop the spread of violence and unrest. The recently overthrown totalitarian Egyptian Government used this tactic in the wake of the Egyptian Revolution.

The regime blocked methods of communication, disconnecting the country. Over the last decade the popularity of social networking sites has risen to a massive scale. People seem to love the idea of communicating with each other through pictures, videos, messages and voice mails than talking face to face.

It was mostly teenagers and young adults who used the social media but now, even our grandparents are catching.

Social Networking Essay: Boon Or Bane

Social networking Boon or a Bane 1. Nivesh Yadav Class IX – B Roll No. 1 Creater: 2. Topic Of Discussion: 3. Social Networks How do you explain to say somebody what Social Network is? What Social Network Analysis is?

Social Networking Sites. SOCIAL NETWORKING: A BOON OR A BANE Isn’t it surprising how social networking has affected our daily lives and habits?. Social networking websites have become a must visit site for people on the internet on their daily lives.

Such is the power of social networking. Social Media a boon or bane. One should control the 'Social Media' at will and should not allow the 'Social Media' to control oneself or one's fate.

Social networking sites a boon or
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