Research proposal on computerised accounting system

The study hypothesizes the following relationships based on Psychological Attachment. All of these will depend on the individual perceptions and varies among people that are using the system Davis, Bagozzi and Warshaw, This is because a proper length of scale can be the most effective way to provide adequate internal consistency in reliability and minimise the biases of response.

According to SalehCAS assists a company to conduct its operations and activities as well as provides information to the variety interest of users.

Research proposal on computerized accounting system

In relation to TAM, attitude is based on the main characteristic belief which a person has about the effect of a given behaviour and his or her valuation of those consequences. However, in Sutton and Harrisonthe first factor showed an alpha of 0.

This can be supported by Cronbach Alpha Value. Traditionally cash basis of accounting has been used across the public sector organisations.

It is a function of an individual belief when using the technology and the value he or she was looking for. There are three different processes to explain social influence that affect individual behaviour: The differences in powers and responsibilities to display different patterns of accountability involve different objectives and they are financed in different ways with different organisational structures.

The different between these two bodies is that, the setting up of a statutory body is governed by law and also considered as part of the Public Service but non-statutory bodies are established in accordance to the Companies Act and not subjected to government control Fatimah et.

Although there is a continuing debate over the use of cash versus accrual accounting Tickell,accrual accounting has been adopted in the governments of several countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Any incorrect software purchased will burden the implementation of CAS and making it too complex to be used. Both types of beliefs are influenced by external variable. In order to improve the CAS in Malaysian Accountant General Department, this study is significant in assisting the government to further understand the behaviour towards the use of existing CAS.

It seeks to enhance the interactions between the government, businesses and citizens in the context of convenience, accessibility and quality.

As the employees will have no choice but to use the system implemented by the government and follow the process flow of the accounting information, there are potential reluctant to change exists when new system is enforced.

Management research proposal for computerized accounting system

Thus, employees need to be trained in handling computerised accounting system CAS which aligned with General Ledger System.

Part A is the demographic which includes information such as gender, education level, department, position, year of service, additional computerised accounting course as well as current use of government accounting system.

For instance, in the study done by Elbannahas investigated a case of an e-procurement system that was initially accepted for its usefulness and ease of use.

From the view of this related research, public conformity to social influence and private acceptance of the opinions or positions advocated by the other represent qualitatively distinct processes, each with its own distinct set of determinants. A Research Proposal Education and Socio-economic Mobility in the Long-term Transformation of Rural India Submitted by Syed Safiulla Course: MBA Components of A Computerized Accounting System A computerized accounting system has great potential to increase productivity.

The study focuses on the impact of computerized accounting system on financial reporting in the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) in Rwanda by evaluating: the nature of computerized accounting system used by the. Two groups of businesses will be mi-centre.comct This paper is based on a research project which will design to investigate business usage of a computerized accounting system (CAS) to ascertain if there are obstacles that prevent businesses from migrating to such a system.

A secondary objective 5/5(2). the effect of computerised accounting systems on the quality of financial reports of non governmental organisations in nairobi county, kenya d61// a research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of the degree of master of.

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Research proposal on computerised accounting system
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