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She is round character because she changes through the story. He tole me the story of George and Mabel. Here his nerves fail him.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The ending of the story is ironic and really sets the reader laughing.

The Yangtze is a long river and the Yangtze was falling … and then no one could travel till the following spring except by junk.

The secretary watched him disappear into the night with a smile of not unkindly irony. When George arrives to Singapore he realizes that Mabel is following him. He paced and quay. It is the logical consequence of the conflicts presented in the development.

But as we see the atmosphere is friendly, warm and homelike. So he decides to write a letter.

Such a journey was out of the question for a woman alone. I never knew his name, but when we had been chatting a little while another man came in who told me he was the secretary, and he addressed my friend as George.

Then he settle himself in his long chair and lit cheroot. I chose the longer drink and sat down. She was a total stranger. But these means make the story exceptional. Mabel has found George at last. He made all arrangements for the marriage, which was to take place on the day of her arrival, and went down to Rangoon to meet her.

Then, suddenly, without warning, his nerve failed him. It represents the setting in which the action takes place. The time of the story is not indicated. More essays like this: He was a tall, thin, bronzed man, with a big mustache, and he wore khaki shorts and a khaki shirt. But she meets her aim.

It is just a short stay at the riverside village.

Mabel by W. S. Maugham Essay Sample

There was a man sitting on the veranda and as I walked up he nodded to me and asked whether I would have a whisky and soda or a gin and bitters. The development takes up most of the story. The exposition lies in the opening paragraph. He had not seen Mabel for seven years.

The atmosphere heats up. She is inactive character, because about her we know only from the others, but she is the main character at the same time because this story is about her.

This episode is the cause of the conflict. The development includes three episodes. This story comprises all four mine elements of the plot. The conflict unfolds in the following episode.

George is a round character as the Mabel.The Analysis of Short Story "Mabel" by William Somerset Maugham Words Apr 7th, 5 Pages The story under consideration entitled Mabel was written by William Somerset Maugham.

The Analysis of Short Story "Mabel" by William Somerset Maugham Words | 5 Pages Essay on Mr. W. Somerset Maugham's Mr. Know-All More about The Luncheon - William Somerset Maugham.

Mabel By Mr. W. Somerset Maugham

A Pattern Stylistic Analysis of the Story "The Escape" by William Somerset Maugham. Reviewing Somerset Maugham The Short Story English Literature Essay.

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William Somerset Maugham is one of .

Mabel by w. s. maugham essay
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