Lynmouth and bangladesh floods comparison

Bangladesh is an LEDC therefore it lacks the money to spend it on flood protection and defense methods, even if they can afford to build it they would not be able to maintain them due to the expensive upkeep.

The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth.

It has the capacity to hold 1. Geobytesgcse The causes of the flood of Lynmouth are mostly geological. Efforts to control flooding on the Parrett were recorded around the same date.

There was many management strategies for Lynmouth that was devised in order to prevent floods like this in the future. Firstly international food aid programs were held, there is distribution of free seeds from the government in order to reduce the major impact on the food shortages, and the government also gave the victimstonnes of cereal.

Both rivers have large volumes of water flowing through them to the sea as they have large drainage basins which increases the flood risk.

The expense of ongoing dredging continued to be debated, however the Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that dredging would resume once it was safe. The area has been extensively studied for its biodiversity and heritage, and has a growing tourism industry.

Also Bangladesh has a monsoon climate, which had resulted in the exceeding capacity of water of the rivers which resulted in the flooding. Lynmouth had received above average rainfall for 12 out of the first 14 days of the month causing the soils to be already saturated and river levels high.

Lynmouth And Bangladesh Floods - Comparison

It supports a great variety of plant and bird species and is an important feeding ground for birds. First off the mouth of the East Lyn River was widened to increase capacity and to allow more water to pass through quickly into the Bristol Channel.

One of the approaches to reducing the risk of flooding within the catchment area of the Parrett is the planting of new woodlands.

Over two thirds of the land area was covered by water and capital, Dhaka was 2m underwater. At low tide the water drains through the sluice gates at Dunball by gravity. They make extensive use of social media - Facebook and Twitter to communicate news.

Causes from climatic features ibid. Again due to poverty most of LEDCs population settle compactly and in small areas and the population are usually massive therefore some are force to live on floodplains or flood prone areas. More trees were planted upstream in order to reduce the initial rainfall before the flood.

Flood proof storages are constructed to prevent floods to destroy the grain, therefore preventing food shortages. Seasonal temperature variation is less extreme than most of the United Kingdom because of the adjacent sea. The solutions are that embankments were constructed right next to the flood plain rivers in order to increase channel capacity and restrict flood waters.

Severity of the flood in Bangladesh ibid. Inthe Abbot of Glastonbury was recorded as inspecting enclosed land at Lympsham. Poorly built infrastructure is easily damaged. In summer, a large proportion of the rainfall is caused by the Sun heating the land, leading to convection and to showers and thunderstorms.

Lack of sanitation and clean water supplies contributes in the loss of lives during a flood. Increasing population in the foothills of the Himalayas where the rain contributes to the source of the River Ganges and Brahmaputra has resulted in intense deforestation.

Flood relief was implanted after the flood to try to minimize the loss of life. Most LEDCs concentrate their funds on exporting goods, again lack of funds for flood defenses.

Winter flooding of 2013–14 on the Somerset Levels

It has been argued that as a consequence, rivers silt up and have reduced capacity to carry flooding waters when rainfall is heavier than average. This was to prevent any flooding from reaching the outskirts of Bridgwater.Development in LEDCs may be set back by years after a major flood.

• On This Day - 16 Aug - Lynmouth Flood • New technology to fight hunger after floods • Forecasting system provides flood warnings to vulnerable residents of Bangladesh.

South Asian floods - Comparison Of Ledc And Medc Floods. In anddevastating floods in Lynmouth and Bangladesh occurred. The drainage basins of both places were unable to contain the amount of rainfall fallen on the ground and therefore they flooded.

However, these two floods are different as Lynmouth is an MEDC and Bangladesh is an mi-centre.comore. The effects of and responses to floods vary between areas of contrasting levels of wealth. For this section of the unit you need two case studies, one from a richer area of the world - Boscastle, UK and one from a poorer part of the world - Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Lynmouth Bangladesh Comparison A number of facts, such as drainage basin features, rainfall quanity and intensity, a countrys economic state and ability to repair damage done by floods affected the floods that took place in the Lynmouth and Bangladesh rivers in and There has been enormous local support for those affected by the floods, co-ordinated by FLAG — the Flooding on the Levels Action Group.

As well as having volunteers in the villages, they are organising fund-raising, and the collection of supplies to help those who have suffered. Water Extent Comparison: Somerset Levels & Flooding Case studies Cockermouth, UK - Rich Country (MEDC) Causes: Rain The responses to the floods · Appeals were immediately launched by international organisation, like the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee – and the UN – to help Pakistanis hit by the floods.

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Lynmouth and bangladesh floods comparison
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