Innovation stratagy paper str 581 week

This will allow the company to set prices that are competitive with other firms, while remaining highly profitable at the same time. Most notably, consumers are concerned about the environment in which the eggs are produced, such as cage-free or free range chickens Sloan Leave a comment Strategic Choice and Evaluation Write a paper of no more than 1, words that evaluates alternatives an organization must consider to realize growth.

The company must analyze these trends closely to make strategic choices that produce value for shareholders. However, there is still a significant amount of opportunity in this niche.

Achieving this objective will produce long-term brand loyalty for a product line that has shown a promising trend of growth.

The company operates a vast supply chain that serves local grocery stores and regional food distribution hubs. Final Recommendations Southwestern Foods is well positioned to implement a strategic plan that will produce sustained growth in the shell egg industry.

The egg products will be targeted at specific consumers will a goal of creating brand loyalty in new regions. These requirements create additional operational costs, but consumers have shown a willingness to pay a significant premium for this product. These activities will also require approval from the board of directors and may create resistance from shareholders because of a higher risk factor.

However, the long-term brand loyalty that can be obtained from this strategy will generate a highly lucrative revenue stream within this niche market. Grand Strategy The most appropriate grand strategy for Southwestern foods is market development. Consumers are becoming much more selective about the source of shell eggs, thus requiring producers to modify their products.

This strategy will provide immediate brand equity to the shell eggs provided by these small companies. Trends in the eating habits of Americans have changed rapidly over the last decade.

Many egg products are driven solely by price. Essentially, the grand strategy will represent a combination of product differentiation and acquisition. The shell egg industry is extremely competitive and is subject to the buying habits of American consumers.

The grand strategy most well suited to achieve this goal is market development. Also, the adoption of operational excellence as a value discipline will improve supply chain efficiency as the company expands. Together, these components of the strategic plan will ensure that Southwestern Foods remains a leader in the shell egg industry for many years to come.

The ultimate result of these recommendations will provide Southwestern Foods with greater operational flexibility and growth to its shell egg market share. This value discipline will focus improving internal business operations and eliminating areas of waste within internal processes. The following paper will analyze strategic alternatives and make a strategy recommendation based on the current business climate in the shell egg industry.

Choosing the optimum strategic direction is an essential decision for the long-term growth and prosperity of Southwestern Foods. Market development will help limit the risk posed by competitors by establishing a dominant presence in each region. Developing a supply chain that can accommodate growth in the shell egg industry requires a high level of operational excellence.

From this point, the company is also responsible for the packaging of eggs. By aggressively targeting health conscious consumers, the company will develop brand loyalty among this growing niche of consumers.

There are several different brands that must be packaged and each is targeted at a different set of customers.

Acquiring small and regional shell egg producers will enable the company to increase the scope of its supply chain and server a broader group of customers.

A value discipline will be selected that is designed to set the foundation for corporate culture. The main drawback of the acquisition strategy is that is requires a significant amount of capital to finance the buyout of smaller companies.

Operational excellence will promote a corporate culture that will improve the processing and packaging of the final product. Today, consumers are concerned about eating eggs that originate from cage-free farms and produced by hens that are fed an antibiotic free diet Sloan Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for your organization Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the organization should implement.STR SYLLABUS Strategic Planning and Implementation.

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STR 581 Project – Strategic Choice and Evaluation

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Write a paper of no more than 1, words that evaluates alternatives an organization must consider to realize growth. Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand.

Innovation Stratagy Paper Str Week 2 Innovation Strategy Paper Amos U. Wilson, II, Belinda Cardenas, Laura Lopez, Russell Blankman University of Phoenix SRT/ — Strategic Planning and Implementation Corky Sarvis Innovation Strategy Paper Innovation strategies are critical to business success and longevity.

View Notes - Innovation Stratagy Paper STR Week 2 - 5 Pages (APA Formats with References) from ECON at Ashford University. Innovation Strategy Paper Amos U. Wilson, II, Belinda Cardenas. Free Essay: Innovation Strategy Paper Amos U. Wilson, II, Belinda Cardenas, Laura Lopez, Russell Blankman University of Phoenix SRT/—Strategic Planning.

Innovation stratagy paper str 581 week
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