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In In another country, the major who has many medals never talks about them. He had complimented me on how I spoke In another country, and we talked together very easily.

Another boy who walked with us sometimes and made us five wore a black silk handkerchief across his face because he had no nose then and his face was to be rebuilt. The doctor assures the American that he will again play football even though his knee does not bend.

There were usually funerals starting from the courtyard.

In Another Country

Within their group, however, there are also differences. An Italian major, who used to be the greatest fencer in Italy before he was wounded, befriends the American, assisting him in learning to speak Italian grammatically.

It was an idiotic idea, he said, "a theory like another". First, he creates an older, seasoned code hero, a man who has confronted life and has experienced the hard, cruel world but has not given in to any display of emotion; he has carefully refrained from baring his emotions except in this very rare case of the death of his young wife.

Hemingway's Short Stories

Then I heard him ask the doctor if he might use his telephone and he shut the door. Read within the context of the other Nick Adams stories, this question is easily solved. There was a choice of three bridges. Although, as we walked to the Cova through the though part of town, walking in the dark, with light and singing coming out of the wine-shops, and sometimes having to walk into the street when the men and women would crowd together on the sidewalk so that we would have had to jostle them to et by, we felt held together by there being something that had happened that they, the people who disliked us, did not understand.

Three young Italians from near Milan, in contrast to the American, have received wounds and medals because of bravery in battle. He was a small man and he sat straight up in his chair with his right hand thrust into the machine and looked straight ahead at the wall while the straps thumbed up and down with his fingers in them.

Beyond the old hospital were the new brick pavilions, and there we met every afternoon and were all very polite and interested in what was the matter, and sat in the machines that were to make so much difference.

Nothing about it has been decided yet. There was a time when none of us believed in the machines, and one day the major said it was all nonsense.

Additionally, Nick feels that he has not served as a participant in the war. There were three boys who came each day who were about the same age I was. The American feels close to this young man because his bravery could not be tested.

The photographs did not make much difference to the major because he only looked out of the window. But I stayed good friends with the boy who had been wounded his first day at the front, because he would never know now how he would have turned out; so he could never be accepted either, and I liked him because I thought perhaps he would not have turned out to be a hawk either.

He was wearing his cape and had his cap on, and he came directly toward my machine and put his arm on my shoulder.

In Another Country: Selected Stories

The boys at first were very polite about my medals and asked me what I had done to get them.Though its narrator is never named, “In Another Country” is widely accepted as one of Hemingway’s series of stories featuring Nick Adams, a largely autobiographical character, as the protagonist.

It was based on Hemingway’s own experiences recuperating in a. In Another Country () by Ernest Hemingway In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it any more.

It was cold in the fall in Milan and the dark came very early. "In Another Country" revisits the Hemingway code hero concept, with Nick Adams recuperating in an Italian hospital alongside some high-ranking Italian officers and a friend who is a major.

They are all resting and undergoing physical therapy. May 31,  · Directed by Sang-soo Hong. With Isabelle Huppert, Joon-Sang Yoo, Yu-mi Jung, Yuh Jung Youn. A three-tiered story centered on a trio of French tourists visiting the same seaside resort/10(K).

In Another Country: Selected Stories. by David Constantine. The stories of David Constantine are unlike any others.

His characters possess you instantly, making you see the world as they do – sometimes as exiles, driven into isolation by convictions that even they don’t fully understand; sometimes as carriers of an unspoken but unbearable.

"In Another Country" is a short story by American author Ernest Hemingway. Summary [ edit ] The short story is about an ambulance corps member in Milan during World War mi-centre.comhed in: Men Without Women.

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In another country
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