Examination malpractices essay

Whenever they fail their courses, they react violently through their cult members against the teachers in charge of their failed courses. This is even more so in the education sector.

In recent times, students prepare—if at all they do—lackadaisically for examinations. Only recently, two lecturers, one each from the ESUT and the UNN, were shot dead by suspected cultists; while suspected terrorists threatened to kill the new Vice-chancellor of University of Benin, Prof.

Cubing examination malpractices in the University System: Journal of Human Ecology, 26 1pp. Onyechere asserted that unless we are able to stop examination malpractice, the standard of education in Nigeria will continue to fall.

Issues on Examination Malpractives in Nigeria: It wreaks great havoc on the social, religious, economic and political lives of Nigerians.

However, Examination Malpractice Act 33 of reversed the above decree but stipulates punishment ranging from a fine of N50, It is a truism that even though much has been done, it is either grossly inadequate or ineffectual at curbing the menace as we day-in-day-out see examination malpractices take newer, dynamic and appealing forms especially with the advances in Information and Communications Technology ICT coupled with the general falling standards of societal norms.

Examination Malpractice Essay

Problems and Solutions in University System. Among them are teachers, school principals, higher institution students, touts or mercenaries who invade centers to make quick money.

Examinations may have some drawbacks with regards to pressuring Public campaigns and enlightenment programmes embarked on by government and non-governmental agencies on the need to eliminate examination malpractices have not yielded the desired results, not even the introduction of jail terms for culprits.

They have to navigate through classes in a new format while living away from all the comforts of parents. The then Minister of Education, Dr.

Exam Malpractice

Retrieved on 16th July, Odili gave 11 possible causes of the rising cases of cultism in these institutions to include: Corroborating this view, Oluyeba and Daramola cited in Alutu and Aluede, remarked that examination malpractices is any irregular behavior exhibited by a candidate or anybody charged with the conduct of examinations before, during or after the examination that contravenes the rules and regulations governing the conduct of such examination.

This could be seen in the fact that the poor economic situation in the country has compelled most poor parents to resort to unethical means in order that their wards may pass their examinations at one sitting. Influence of family, school and peers.- Examinations malpractice produce candidates with low moral and academic values.

- The products of examination malpractice always end up with unfulfilled dreams in their chosen career - Examinations malpractice is a negative orientation for future leaders who may end up being fraudulent and corrupt in their various offices.

Owing to malpractices in universities, examination results tend to give a false picture of the state of affairs; hence a good number of school graduates cannot defend the grades obtained in examinations (Ada, ). Exam Malpractice Words | 15 Pages.

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The grace to succeed and avoid frustration and the embarrassment associated with failure have made students engage in examination malpractices and thus have threatened the very foundations of our educational system.

Examination Malpractices

Examination malpractice is an illegal behaviour by a candidate before, during or after the examination so that he/she can attain success easily and cheaply. Hence, the worth of the examination is violated. Examination malpractice is a cankerworm that portends grave dangers for the nation.

The major causes of examination malpractices are: i.

Examination Malpractices Essay Sample

Laziness of students: Seriousness is thrown to the wind by many students. The Impact of Cultism and Examination Malpractices on the Quality of Education in the 21st Century Nigeria INTRODUCTION Many Nigerians were aware of the rot in the nation under the years of military dictatorship, but hardly knew the magnitude of the rot.

Examination malpractices essay
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