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It is best to remember here that all these practices are to prepare the Sufi for the "spiritual journey" along the Sufi path; a path which leads towards God through love and devotion.

At about the same time that Sufism was developing in Egypt, it was gaining in strength in Essay sufism Africa through the support of the ruling Almohad dynastywho ruled over Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Muslim Spain. It is rather difficult to summarize all the practices and rituals associated with the various orders.

Kubrawiyyah is historically linked to Suhrawardiyyah in that its founder, Nayim al-din Kubrawas a disciple of the founder Essay sufism Suhrawardiyyah, Abu Najib as--Suhrawardi This knowledge in Sufism is raised to a higher level, Essay sufism arises from the "heart" rather than the "mind.

His motto was that "the highest form of devotion to God consists in doing service to humanity. An important order that came out of this context is Tidjaniyyah, which was founded in the s by Ahmad al-Tidjani d.

It was between - AD that Sufis and Sufism enjoyed a period of intense Sufic activity in various part of the Islamic world. Realities which can only be experienced and understood by "intuitive knowledge," Knowledge which stems from the "heart," rather that the "mind.

It is for the human being to remove all that is not God to go to God in order to have with him a relationship of proximity that makes him closer to the creator than to the creature in that the most important is not only to obey God but also to get closer to him.

In other parts of the Islamic world the once important order has seriously declined or disappeared Essay sufism. Out of Khalwatiyyah two other important orders emerged: The initiation really symbolizes that the initiate or disciple is now ready to understand the "inner truth" of spiritual realities.

Supported by the Ottomans, Naqshbandiyyah flourished until the demise of the Ottoman empire and the establishment of a secular state under Kemal Ataturk in Turkey. It was around AD that the early Sufi literature, in the form of manuals, treatises, discourses, and poetry, became the source of Sufi thinking and meditations.

The "initiation" was and still is a "solemn pledge" by the novice to obey the master implicitly in all matters, spiritual and moral. This gave a rather biased view of Sufism, which is now being corrected.

They believed that all men are equal; and that discriminations based on caste, colour and creed must be condemned. He came to India soon after the fall of Prithivi Raj Chauhan. Thus, these orders were able to trace their origins through a chain of masters.

They believed in the Guru or Master, whom they called Pir. Nevertheless, this is the goal of every Sufi. Furthermore, each individual "spark" or "spirit" separated from the Universal Spirit, desires to return and reunite with the Universal spirit. The word Sufism is a polysemous word which arouses much controversy in the Muslim world up to now.

Essay UK - http: This concept of Unity leads to the realization of Unity which embraces multiplicity in the Universe. Meditative and contemplative practices, including intensive spiritual training, in "spiritual retreats" from time to time.

All these ideas have been beautifully explained by Sheikh-al Islam Zakariyah Ansari: These early fraternities, and indeed some individual Sufis, met with great hostility and resistance from certain sections of the Muslim community; on points of interpretation of Islamic Theology and Law.

Some Sufis consider such music conducive to "mystical ecstasy. It fostered a spirit of reconciliation among Hindus and Muslims in medieval society. These stages constitutes the ethical and ascetic disciplines of Sufism. Islam in the Balkans: These are all among the earliest of the Sufi orders.

The lodges soon became schools of Sufi learning and scholarship. Sufism acted as a great social force in shaping the character of medieval Indian society. Ataturk regarded the Sufi orders as decadent, reactionary and an obstruction to the modernisation of Turkey.

Hence, a Sufi may belong to more than one order. Bektashiyyah continues to survive in the Balkan region to the present day. This order was characterised by the rejection of all forms of luxury and a strong sense of veneration for the Prophet. To appreciate the significance of this dance,it is necessary to be aware of its symbolic interpretation and meaning.

Furthermore, he believes that it is possible to "experience" God in this life! They were men of great learning and deep religious feelings. It was much later that Sufi teachings and practices were formally [laid] down in writing for future generations. He laid stress on love for he believed that it led one to God.Free Essay: Sufism Sufism, otherwise known as Islamic Mysticism, is a branch of Islam.

It deals with special powers that are contained in the Qur'an. It is a. Dec 11,  · View and download sufism essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your sufism essay. Sufism was an old religious sect. It was a reform movement within Islam which started in Persia.

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It came to India on the eve of the establishment of Delhi Sultanate and was influenced by religious views prevalent among Indians. The philosophy of Sufism consists in belief in one God and regards every. An Introduction to Sufism. by Zakir Hussain.

A paper presented to Dominion Lodge No A.F. & A.M. G.R.A. On 11th February With minimal editing by Syed Mumtaz Ali, in deference to the learned author's gratuitous request and his kind remarks: "I am pleased and honoured that you consider this essay worthy of a wider audience.

Sufism was transplanted into North Africa as a result of the expansion of the Rifa'i order into Syria and then Egypt. The presence of Rifa'iyyah inspired the founding of other orders. In the 13th century Badawiyyah was founded in Egypt by Ahmad al-Badawi (), who acquired a reputation for mysticism and the performance of miracles.

Sufism: Doctrine, Order, and Practice Essay Ayoub Laissouf Sufism Introduction Beside the exterior cannon law (sharia) exists the interior way (tariqa) of mysticism which is a religious movement within Shii and Sunni Islam.

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