Compare and contrast oedipus and trifles

The women express a shared sense of responsibility for her isolation and suggest that they were criminally negligent to allow her to be entirely alone. The men reenter briefly, then leave.

The women discover Mrs. Wright and how much of an intrusion it was for her to have all of these outsiders searching through her goods. Peters tries to hide the box containing the dead bird in the bag of quilt pieces she is taking to Mrs.

Hale tells how he came to the house to ask John Wright about sharing the cost of a phone line, only to find Mrs. Wright feel more at ease in jail, they discuss Minnie Wright, her childhood as Minnie Foster, her life with John Wright, and the quilt that she was making when she was taken to jail.

The women are left alone. The male characters carry on the official investigation while the female characters carry on their own unofficial investigation. A boy killed Mrs.

Hale investigates and finds that Wright has been hanged. The play opens when its five characters enter the kitchen of the Wright farmhouse.

Peters, is essentially married to the law. Hale in recounting their roles in the discovery of the crime. The women express sympathy over what the kitchen disarray would mean emotionally to Mrs.

How does Trifles compare with other murder mystery stories?

When the men reenter, the women have one last chance to share this clue with them. Just before the men reenter, Mrs. The county attorney takes charge of the investigation, guiding the sheriff and Mr. They do not, and the play closes. When she hears the men returning again, Mrs. Wright, but it does not fit.

As the investigation ends, the sheriff asks the attorney if he needs to inspect the things the women are taking to Mrs. Wright had changed over the years and how depressing her life with John Wright had been. Peters suggests that they are getting too upset over a dead bird. The women discuss the state of the Wright household before Mr.

The county attorney summarizes the case as he enters and indicates that the entire case is clear except for a missing motive. When he asks to speak with her husband, Mrs. After commenting on Mrs. Hale hides the dead bird. It has been killed, and Mrs. In the process, they communicate how greatly Mrs.

Wright sitting in a rocker. Hale hides the box in her coat pocket.

Trifles Analysis

Once the men have left again, the women discuss past pains and losses that parallel those that Mrs. Hale because he is dead.

Wright had hidden it in her sewing box. Wright says that he cannot speak with Mr. While gathering some household goods to make Mrs.Writing About Literature: Ten Sample Topics for Comparison & Contrast Essays Share Flipboard Email Compare and contrast the story-telling methods employed in the two tales, King Oedipus and Willy Loman Different as the two plays are.

Compare Contrast Antigone And Trifles Oedipus Words | 3 Pages. Open Document. Compare and contrast between Antigone and Hamlet. ExistenceHamlet and AntigoneThe two classic plays Hamlet and Antigone share many themes and.

Compare and Cotrast Oedipus the King. Running head: COMPARE AND CONTRAST OEDIPUS REX PLAY AND MOVIE 1 Compare and Contrast Oedipus Rex Play and Movie Guillermo "Fred" Rivera ENG Introduction to Literature September 22, Dr.

Shana Koh COMPARE AND CONTRAST OEDIPUS REX PLAY AND MOVIE 2 Oedipus the King, Hero and Martir?. This paper will compare and contrast his behavior and evaluate if he learned anything from one play to the next.

Creon was seen in a different context in Oedipus compared to his character in Antigone. This lesson will discuss the similarities and differences of the title characters in Sophocles' ancient Greek plays 'Oedipus the King' and 'Antigone.' Oedipus & Antigone: Compare & Contrast.

Compare and Contrast Oedipus and Creon Creon and Oedipus are two very interesting characters. Their personalities, the way they ruled, forgiveness etc. was very unique to certain situations.

In this essay I’m going to compare and contrast the two, and then decide whom I thought was the better ruler.

Compare and contrast oedipus and trifles
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