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The night time brings in a contrast of cold and very chilly temperatures. Winters are pleasant but you have to be prepared for the cold nights and evenings.

The weather for this week is turning colder, for some of us there will be rain at times Carol Kirkwood Although a little bit of spring warmth is expected in southern counties, it will get colder in the coming days.

Johannesburg, South Africa, is known for good weather and very pleasant conditions throughout the year. Hot, sunny weather with occasional thundershowers in the afternoons which clear. Towards end of April, May the colder weather starts setting in. If you have a sports event or a day outdoors planned stay tuned to your 48 hour forecast Johannesburg Weather for today and tomorrow.

BBC UK weather forecast: Moving into Wednesday and another area of low pressure brings with it some heavy rain in the central and southern parts of the UK. However, a few showers will appear in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England at times.

Temperatures between 14 and 16 degrees today, which is slightly higher than the weekend just gone, but low for the this time of the year. The firm now make it a chance from after Storm Bronagh battered the nation on the weekend. Also as the weather front fails to move on snow is likely to develop in the eastern side of Scotland on Thursday.

Eventually this will move towards the east, making way for brighter weather in Northern Ireland, Wales and the south west. BBC In addition, England and Wales have been warned mist and fog patches may form overnight and that it will feel breezy. Spring offers a very pleasant and steady atmosphere with very little to no wind.

Your week ahead however could depend on the weather season with variable factors such as afternoon thundershowers, cold winter mornings and evenings and lots of heat in summer time. However, once the rain gets away the weather is expected to improve, although this is not likely in eastern costal counties.

BBBc Today will start off chilly for most Britons, with it likely to be frosty in the countryside during the early hours of the morning. As a result in Northern Ireland, the far west of Wales and the south west of England the bright skies and mild conditions will disappear.

But weather fronts, moving into the north west, will cover Northern Ireland and Scotland too, before drifting to the north west, where there will be a few outbreaks. Unfortunately, there will be some rain in the far north of Scotland tonight, but elsewhere dry with clear skies. Tuesday morning is not looking any better temperature wise, as heat values will only be a few degrees above freezing.

It is expected to be coldest in Norwich, where it will be just two Celsius, whereas London, Birmingham and Belfast are a few degrees higher at six Celsius.

BBC UK weather forecast: Temperatures to DROP to FREEZING following Storm Bronagh attack

As forecaster expect Tuesday to have the lowest drop in temperature this week, bookmaker Coral has been forced to cut the odds on this winter being the coldest on record in the UK. Despite this, the temperatures will be in double figures for most of the country, with the warmest weather in the south.

Nevertheless, most areas will be fine and dry with plenty of sunshine around following a miserable and wet weekend. The longer forecast may be more difficult to predict so for a more reliable forecast your 7 day or 10 day weather report measurement of the current weather conditions may serve you better.

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Meteorologist Carol Kirkwood presented the weather report from Trafalgar Square today, where she told BBC Breakfast viewers to prepare for chilly conditions. There will also be a few showers creeping into western Scotland, as well as the north west of England.

Carol Kirkwood reassured viewers there would be sunshine around Image: BBC Best of sunshine in England and Wale tomorrow, where it is going to be sunny again with some light winds. But the build up of high pressure is going to keep some areas warm and dry, especially places in the south.

Carol Kirkwood said the winds would be lighter this week Image: We sometimes look ahead as far as 14 days to start our weather reports.

In the south a little bit of hail and wintry showers is expected as temperatures plummet. Characterised by very little rain with temperatures remaining moderate to warm. Access our website hourly to remain in touch with what the weather is doing. Today starts off quite cool, with some sunshine in places, but a veil of cloud is going to turn hazy.Get the latest African news from BBC News in Africa: breaking news, features, analysis and special reports plus audio and video from across the African continent.

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