Acct3111 2014 syllabus 1

For example, in week 1 you are required to complete a syllabus quiz and a scavenger hunt. The best way to learn on-line material is by taking an active role in the process: Classroom Rules Because the time we spend in class is so incredibly valuable, please turn off your cell phone before class, take phone calls only during class breaks, and leave messaging on websites such as Myspace for after class.

You are also required to reply to posts from your peers and instructor. Define and describe an accounting system; journalize and post Acct3111 2014 syllabus 1 in special journals and subsidiary ledgers; describe and illustrate the use of a computerized accounting system; describe the basic features of e-commerce.

Each week there will be discussions and assignments on material covered See Course Schedule. This online class will use the Lackawanna college portal Home Page Portal for instruction and assessment.

You are required to gain access to CengageNOW only. Explain the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; describe the objectives and elements of internal control to cash; illustrate the use of a bank reconciliation in controlling cash; describe and illustrate the reporting of cash and cash equivalents in the financial statements.

I am well aware that each Acct3111 2014 syllabus 1 you has differing degrees of financial exposure, so I am excited about the prospect of working with each of you to help expand your knowledge of this subject.

Further information on the Honor Code is available in the current catalog. Preparation is expected with all activities, including readings, exercises and discussions. Missing even one day could hinder your ability to comprehend concepts. It emphasizes generally accepted accounting principles and practices; the fundamental equation of accounts; the accounting cycle; the trial balance; the worksheet, including adjusting, closing, correcting and reversing entries; classified financial statements; methods for locating and correcting errors; and plant and tangible assets.

There will be one or two homework assignments posted each week on CengageNOW. Financial obligations to the College will be determined according to the Refund Policy.

Prepare financial statements from adjusted account balances; prepare closing entries; describe the accounting cycle; explain what is meant by the fiscal year and the natural business year. Describe the characteristics of an account; describe and illustrate journalizing and posting transactions using the double-entry accounting system; prepare an unadjusted trial balance and explain how it can be used to discover errors.

Therefore, as a member of this academic community, each student acknowledges responsibility for his or her actions and commits to the highest standards of integrity.

All assignments are due on the dates indicated in the syllabus unless otherwise advised in class. Instructions are available on the portal.

Regular, punctual attendance is expected of each student. During the regular semester you will be marked as stopped attending after missing 2 weeks of class. Academic Honesty As an academic community, Florida Southern College is firmly committed to honor and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

This is an introductory course that I think you will find particularly interesting. In an online class, you will be marked present for the week of class after you have completed the discussion and assignments for that week.

Journalize entries for accounts requiring adjustment; summarize the adjustment process; prepare an adjusted trial balance.

The assignment will come from the chapters covered. Describe and illustrate the accounting for merchandise transactions; describe and illustrate the financial statements of a merchandising business; describe the adjusting and closing process for a merchandise business.

There will an quiz or two each week for the chapter s covered.

You are encouraged to become an active learner by participating. The students are required to take all quizzes, complete all assignment, participate on a daily basis, answer DQs, and discuss with peers.


I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Accounting Principles I. You are required to answer both questions with relevant and interesting material. You have only one attempts at each quiz and it will be timed. In addition, if you are not well, have a family emergency, or are otherwise indisposed, you can email your homework to me on the day that the assignment is due without any penalty.

There will be assignments posted some weeks for this course. If any student is not going to be able to turn an assignment in on the assigned date, arrangements must be approved by me before the day the assignment is due.

Late Assignments Assignments are due at the start of class on the due date. As a general advisory: For an online course, you are required to post two 2 times on four 4 separate days during the week to receive full participation credit.Weekly Schedule Day 1 – Monday.

Day 2 – Wednesday Welcome! I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Accounting Principles I. ACC Mod 1 Trident University International ACC - Spring EXPOSITORY WRITING SYLLABUS FALL The certified learning goals for are: 1.

To communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience. To communicate complex ideas effectively, in standard written English, to a general audience.

PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I - Online (Access), Warren, 13 th Edition, Cengage Learning, ISBN: (textbook). You are required to gain access to CengageNOW only. You can also purchase the textbook if you wish. (Instructions are available on the portal). in week 1 you are required to complete a syllabus quiz and.

This syllabus is proprietary material of APUS.

1 School: Business Course Number: ACCT Course Name: Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors Credit Hours: 3 hours Length of Course: 8 weeks Prerequisite: None Table of Contents Course Description Grading Scale Course Scope Course Outline.

Arts, Science and Learning Resources ACACollege Transfer Success-Section I1 Spring Syllabus SYLLABUS OVERVIEW: Your college syllabus is .

Acct3111 2014 syllabus 1
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