A description of the republic where plato presents many interesting ideas of socrates

Relatedly, he is clearly aware that an account of the ideal citizens must explain how sexual desire, a paradigmatic appetitive attitude, should fit into the good human life. The souls of the dead go up through an opening on the right if they were just, or below through an opening on the left if they were unjust d.

A group of people have lived in a deep cave since birth, never seeing any daylight at all. Instead of fleeing the death penalty as his friends urged, he drank the poison hemlock given him and became a martyr for philosophy, showing that even unfair laws need to be followed.

Poetry is to be censored since the poets may not know which is; thus may lead the soul astray b.

Popper[ edit ] The city portrayed in the Republic struck some critics as harsh, rigid, and unfree; indeed, as totalitarian. Even putting aside all of the matters relating to arts and crafts technai such as medicineand focusing on the greatest and most important things—above all, the governance of societies and the education of a human being—Homer simply does not stand up to examination ce.

First, we learn about the organizing aims of each of the psychological parts CooperKahnReeveMoss Socrates adds that its object is to produce gratification.

Socrates offers the analogy of the divided line to explain the Form of the Good even further dd. The sun causes things to come to be in the visible world; it regulates the seasons, makes flowers bloom, influences animals to give birth and so on.

Behind them is a fire, and behind the fire is a partial wall.

The Republic

Just recompense may always be right, but is recompense? Their beliefs and desires have been stained too deeply by a world filled with mistakes, especially by the misleading tales of the poets.

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This, too, expresses a fairly common if somewhat pessimistic view of the facts about social organization. Can one seek honor or money above all and do what one wants?

The second complication is that some people are not perfectly ruled by one part of the soul, but are subject to continuing conflicts between, say, attitudes in favor of doing what is honorable and appetitive attitudes in favor of pursuing a shameful tryst.

This last demand is a matter of practice and of the ability to size up the audience on the spot, as it were. His works also narrate a number of myths, and sparkle with imagery, simile, allegory, and snatches of meter and rhyme. In the just soul, the desires of the rational, truth-loving part dictate the overall aims of the human being.

It works even if it only introduces an account of personal justice and happiness that we might not have otherwise entertained.

Another remarkable passage follows: But it is worth thinking through the various ways in which this charge might be made, to clarify the way the philosopher-rulers wield political authority over the rest of the city see BambroughTaylorL. Thus, according to this view, it is warranted to regard the Republic as a work on political philosophy and as a seminal work in that area.Plato: The Dialogue Form - Republic.

The Republic is consider by many to be Plato's masterwork. It certainly is one of the most important texts of political theory. In the Republic Plato reasons his way (by means of a lively discussion at a dinner party) to a description of the perfect political system.

Plato on Rhetoric and Poetry

10 Interesting Facts About Plato. Socrates was his friend and teacher too. Many say his work is inspired from the works of Socrates and that is mainly due to the reason that Plato was his student so it seems natural that he will be inspired by his teacher.

Dialogues of Plato. Another interesting fact about Plato is that he is popular. Plato: The Republic. One such contribution is his description of political regimes in Book VIII and his classification of them on a scale of more or less just.

Another such contribution is his consideration of the causes of political change from one political regime to another. Thus, Plato presents Socrates defending psychic health. The Politics of Plunder in Plato's Republic.

0 Views. Socrates can be seen as playing with Glaucon just as he does with many others in order to expose their ideas. Socrates knows Glaucon will accept a polis based on plunder and full of extreme ideas, because the residents of this hypothetical polis would suffer no injustice, which would be.

He presents a rationale for political decay, and concludes by recounting The Myth of Er ("everyman"), consolation for non-philosophers who fear death. Popper divorced Plato's ideas from those of Socrates, Socrates' Second Sailing: On Plato's Republic.

Chicago: University of Chicago mi-centre.com: Plato. In The Republic, Plato, speaking through his teacher Socrates, sets out to answer two questions.

What is justice?

Socrates reveals many inconsistencies in this view. He points out that, because our judgment concerning friends and enemies is fallible, this credo will lead us to harm the good and help the bad.

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A description of the republic where plato presents many interesting ideas of socrates
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