A country which does not tax cigarettes is considering

There is no issue with nicotine free vapes. It helps me out a lot and I appreciate it. Update from Oliver in the comments below: Chad — Legal for Use in designated smoking areas. Restrictions going forward are likely to focus on advertising, with the aim being to prevent marketing to children and restricting health claims.

Macedonia — While the legal situation is unclear, readers report that they have had no issues vaping anywhere you are allowed to smoke. They mostly fall under the same laws as regular cigarettes, and can not be used in places where smoking is banned.

Namibia — Legal for use. Belgium — E-Cigarettes are now legal, but forbidden in public places and on public transport. Swaziland — Legal for use in designated smoking areas. Paulau — Legal for sale and use, with a minimum age of Vaping is prohibited in some public places and public transportation.

2018 Vape Travel Guide

Fiji — Legal for use and sale with restrictions. Alaska — Legal, though some localities ban use indoors. Ivory Coast — Legal for Use.

Italy — E-Cigarettes are not restricted. Thanks to Amran for the update — you can see his full comment here! Alabama — No state law prohibiting use, with some establishments choosing to impose a ban on e-cigarettes.

Vaping fall under smoking regulations which means it is prohibited in and around public buildings. Banned on all public transport thanks to David for the update. Avoid online shops like this. Tax proposed for future. Cyprus — Legal, but e-liquid taxed at the rate of 12 cents per ml.

Victoria — The sale e-cigarettes is banned, and vaping is prohibited in smoke free areas. Scam sites are usually not given much attention. Penalties for bringing e-cigs in can include jail time or fines.

Take supplies, though — both hardware and e-liquid can be pricey. Michigan — Legal for sale and use. In short, go prepared. Dominican Republic — Nicotine containing e-cigs only allowed with a medical prescription. Samoa — Legal for sale and use.This guide is a result of my research of duty-free/tax-free cigarettes online.

I’m not smoking and I’m actually against it. It’s a bad habit. Vaping in the wrong country or place can land you with a large fine - or in prison!

Find out what you need to do before you, how to fly with e-cigs and the regulations for the country you are visiting.

A country which does not tax cigarettes is considering
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